‘New’ website

I’ve been putting together some ideas to help my students with our current project at school: Lights and  Shadows. It’s a public website, so anyone can have a look at it. I would really appreciate any kind of comments, suggestions for improvements, etc., above all if there are any mistakes đŸ˜¦

That’s all for now!


New Dictionary

Or rather dictionaries, because just today I’ve discovered a new one, which is in fact several… Oh, well, I don’t think I’m making myself clear… Just have a look and tell me if you’ve got a better description.

Relative Clauses for 2º Bachillerato

I have been trying to find the time to convert an old .doc which I used to hand my students out for learning about Relative Clauses into something a bit more useful. The time has come to share a not-at-all original presentation that I have just finished today. I hope you find it useful.