Aula Virtual (Aula XXI) II (or how to improvise)

Although I said that Aula Virtual was functional, apparently not all my students have access to it.

Since we are revising basic aspects -tenses, word order, spelling rules…- I’ll use this blog as a launcher for online activities.

Click here and look for exercises labelled Simple Present, Present Progressive, Simple Past and Past Progressive.

If you want to practise conditional clauses, then look for Conditional sentences (if-clauses and main clauses).

Finally, if you are looking for exercises to practise word order, look for Word order.

Hint: When using a web browser, if you want to find something on a website quickly, press Cmd+F on Mac OS X or Ctrl+F đŸ™‚

I hope this gives you plenty of practice before we go on to the next topic.


Achieving Coherence in Writing

The most difficult task my students usually have to face is that of writing. Well, actually, it would be speaking, if they even made the attempt to, but that’s a creepy, scary story better be left alone… Anyway, as I was saying, writing is something you have to learn, even native speakers of a language must learn the techniques to write effectively. And here’s where the following suggestion comes into play. The website Get it write offers a rather complete list of Transition Words and Phrases (conjunctions, adverbs, prepositional phrases, etc) to make ideas flow and relate to one another in a text. You can have a look at it, download the printable version and even subscribe to their newsletter so that you don’t have to bother to come round and check whether I have bothered to mention any worthy updates of their site.