Relative clauses revision 2017

I was wondering about one last post this school year so that my students could revise relative pronouns and relative clauses easily and I just realized I did it some years ago on this same blog. So, here you are. Relative clauses 2017. Enjoy ;D

P.S. If you need any online exercises, drop my a line and I will post some as soon as possible. Meanwhile, have a nice holiday everyone.


wish + that clause

Edit: Had some difficulties to see this full-screen mode, so here goes another try…

And another one…

One more handout for non-native speakers of English. It may come in handy.

Passive Voice for 2º Bachillerato

This is by no means an extremely accurate rendering of Passive Voice in English, but I did manage to put together information, examples and tips from various sources which I hope may be useful for anyone trying to understand this grammar point.

Another way to view it đŸ™‚