Begin to begin…

I left this blog aside quite a long ago for a number of reasons. However, using different, course-specific blogs and maintaining them has been very time-consuming and I’ve decided to use this one for ALL of my courses and present information which my students may use.

So, without further ado, here’s some presentations:

Expressing the future

Passive Voice


‘New’ website

I’ve been putting together some ideas to help my students with our current project at school: Lights and  Shadows. It’s a public website, so anyone can have a look at it. I would really appreciate any kind of comments, suggestions for improvements, etc., above all if there are any mistakes 😦

That’s all for now!

Blog Action Day

155x250bad14bloggerbadgeToday is Blog Action Day, and I’ve registered to write a post about inequality. I don’t know whether I just like to register to take part in something which is really worth it or it is only that I am not really aware of the little time I usually have to reflect on anything apart from my life as part of my little family or as a teacher. I don’t even remember when was the last time I went out for a run.

And it is thus that I believe that one of the forms of inequality that affects us nowadays is the lack of time to do what makes us feel good, free and happy. Why is it that you listen to some people who can go to their Aikido classes, to the gym or to the theatre when you can’t? What have I done  to not be like those people? We all have 24 hours in a day, so I must be doing something wrong. I’ve always been a slow, thorough kind of person. Does that make me different? Yes, I guess. That might be a reason why I don’t find time for some other activities… If I spent a long time sitting at my desk, preparing my lessons, uploading new materials and resources for my students, and that takes the better part of the evening I shouldn’t complain about inequality. I am not being alike many other people who will finish those things before and will devote their time to something else.

I know women are treated differently in most parts of the world. Yes, that should have been the topic of this post. Something serious and important. Or maybe even inequality in terms of facilities, resources, commodities between our Western society and the Third World… However, that would have been the done thing. I can’t possibly solve any of those issues, not even the fact that some of my students have a good computer and a decent Internet connection whereas some others don’t. And that in the same “rich” Western European country…

What I can do is to start at myself. Reflect on what I do and I don’t and take the necessary steps not to feel unlike any other people, because there may be a good side of inequality after all and we should be able to find it.

Using Google Docs and revising

We will be using Google Docs A LOT this year to do class-work, homework and share resources. To start with, we will create a Google Sheets spreadsheet to share our success on the online exercises at Englisch Hilfen.



  • Check your work on the shared spreadsheet.
  • Go to Word Order Complex Test 1 and check your knowledge on the subject.
  • Next, search for different exercises at Englisch Hilfen and input your results in the shared Google Sheet document.


Google Docs is a free, real-time collaboration, document, spreadsheet,slides and forms (surveys) editing tool provided by Google. All you need in order to use these tools is a gmail account and you are good to go. Several users can share a document and edit it at the same time. Changes can be seen immediately. The documents can be exported to Microsoft Office and Open Office, so you can download them and continue working on them off-line.

The files are stored in Google’s Internet servers -cloud computing- and are accessible by using a web browser, although some functionalities are only Google Chrome compatible.

Here is a tutorial to get you started. Credits go to its authors.

Here is information about Google Sheets, and here is how to get started.

Let’s get on with it!

Aula Virtual (Aula XXI) II (or how to improvise)

Although I said that Aula Virtual was functional, apparently not all my students have access to it.

Since we are revising basic aspects -tenses, word order, spelling rules…- I’ll use this blog as a launcher for online activities.

Click here and look for exercises labelled Simple Present, Present Progressive, Simple Past and Past Progressive.

If you want to practise conditional clauses, then look for Conditional sentences (if-clauses and main clauses).

Finally, if you are looking for exercises to practise word order, look for Word order.

Hint: When using a web browser, if you want to find something on a website quickly, press Cmd+F on Mac OS X or Ctrl+F 🙂

I hope this gives you plenty of practice before we go on to the next topic.

Aula Virtual (Aula XXI)

To my students out there: Aula Virtual seems to be working. It allowed me to create and manage my courses. I’ve added some materials and as far as I can judge, it seems fully functional. What I don’t know is whether you can access the courses with last year’s user name and password… We’ll have to wait until Tuesday to be sure. Also, I seem to have very few students in my Grado Superior course (?????).

Maybe your weekend was as busy as mine. I’ll see you at school…

New school year

Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Aula Virtual “Aula XXI”, IES Dos Mares Website… Too many profiles and sites to maintain made me ALMOST forget my blog. I’m using it again this year, if at least as a proven online platform to embed some questionnaires for my students.

Please, scroll down this page to find the appropriate form for you: ESO2BIL, SMR1 or DAW1.

Lets see if it works…