Conditional Clauses for 2º Bachillerato

New grammar point to deal with in the classroom. Some day I will have the time to prepare a nice handout or an outstanding presentation. Until that day arrives, I can as well refer my student to this website where they can have a clear explanation and a variety of online exercises. I hope it helps…


Conditional Sentences / If-Clauses Type I, II and III

-ize or -ise?

We non-native speakers of English are sometimes puzzled by different spellings for the same words. More often than not, we teachers of the language tend to “explain” things in a way which leaves our students non-plussed, which is why I think this forum discussion is a good place to learn the difference between spellings such as analyze and analyse. I hope this helps. Please read at least as far as thiefinni, Junior Member‘s contribution 🙂