New school year

Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Aula Virtual “Aula XXI”, IES Dos Mares Website… Too many profiles and sites to maintain made me ALMOST forget my blog. I’m using it again this year, if at least as a proven online platform to embed some questionnaires for my students.

Please, scroll down this page to find the appropriate form for you: ESO2BIL, SMR1 or DAW1.

Lets see if it works…

Conditional Clauses for 2ยบ Bachillerato

New grammar point to deal with in the classroom. Some day I will have the time to prepare a nice handout or an outstanding presentation. Until that day arrives, I can as well refer my student to this website where they can have a clear explanation and a variety of online exercises. I hope it helps…


Conditional Sentences / If-Clauses Type I, II and III

-ize or -ise?

We non-native speakers of English are sometimes puzzled by different spellings for the same words. More often than not, we teachers of the language tend to “explain” things in a way which leaves our students non-plussed, which is why I think this forum discussion is a good place to learn the difference between spellings such as analyze and analyse. I hope this helps. Please read at least as far as thiefinni, Junior Member‘s contribution ๐Ÿ™‚

Passive Voice for 2ยบ Bachillerato

This is by no means an extremely accurate rendering of Passive Voice in English, but I did manage to put together information, examples and tips from various sources which I hope may be useful for anyone trying to understand this grammar point.

Another way to view it ๐Ÿ™‚