My learning portfolio – Open eTwinning MOOC (2nd edition)

Unit 5. Final Challenge: My eTwinning Project

Finally, here’s my eTwinning Project as required for Unit 5. I hope it’s not too bad.

Unit 4: Collaboration in eTwinning: my collaborative activity draft. (#eTwinning, #twinmooc)

Unit 2: What does my teaching need to improve?

(#eTwinning, #twinmooc) (May 12, 2017)

When people ask me if I’m busy I usually say “0 to 100“. I know it may seem a bit of an overstatement, but we teachers in Spain feel like we have nothing to do while we are on holiday or we have TOO MUCH to do when the term stars…

I’ve learnt to accept I may not know which course levels I will be teaching after the summer. However, quiet periods can be employed to think about new ways to approach teaching, new tools, new resources… The paradox here is that, right now, I’m considering ways to improve my performance in class just when we are all busy as bees trying to wrap up the final term.

I’ve decided to dust off this forgotten blog of mine as a living portfolio to make me think over my teaching. I’ve also realized I need tools which are, not only useful for my teaching but appealing and fun to use for my students.

On the other hand, my Spanish students are not usually willing to speak English in class a lot. Needless to say, they don’t feel the need to use English out and about either. This year, I’ve summoned the will to join eTwinning and search for projects or start one on my own for my students to be able to contact students from other countries who do use English. Maybe this way they will be more willing to practise the language more.

I’ve come across the project North and South are not faraway for our students. The aim of the project is for students to share informations about themselves, their school, their hometown and traditions. It also aims to foster the use of English for actual communication purposes. What I like more is that the project is for students aged 12-14 and the topics are easy so that everyone can be engaged. I may have found it too late to be an active partner but it is a start and a source of inspiration to initiate my own project on eTwinning.

Unit 1: Tweets that inspired me and made me think (May 11, 2017) (#eTwinning, #twinmooc)

As a teacher, I’ve always been willing to use ICT to plan, prepare resources for my classes, test, assess, collaborate, research… You name it. One of the most useful platforms I’ve come across is Twitter.

Twitter may be overwhelming. When you start using it, there’s such an abundance of resources to check and read in detail you may despair and give up. One must learn to filter, curate all the information, scroll efficiently and use only the tip of the iceberg, the very best of the best.

One of the people who I know will never let you down is my friend Víctor Marín @VictorMarinNav. He chooses what he shares very carefully and there’s always a good amount of ideas to implement in class, to make you think about your teaching and to enjoy this job.

Don’t give up on Twitter. Use it as best as you can and you will learn and perfect your experience on this wonderful platform.


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