My “English Learning” Favourites

This is where I will suggest some websites which I consider basic for all of us interested in using  English better. – Good, free dictionary with the possibility to register and take part in the forums. You can check vocabulary from English to Spanish, French, German or Italian and viceversa. Also, there’s an English only dictionary which is defined on the site as follows:

The English Dictionary

This WordNet database includes more than 150,000 terms.

The English dictionary on WordReference is not a standard dictionary.  We use the WordNet “lexical database” developed at Princeton University.  If you use it for a while, you will see that there are a number of differences between it and a standard dictionary, especially as we have it currently implemented.

Please use the search box above to look up a word.

One of the major advantages is the “category tree” that has many words grouped into sets of synonyms.  This is of special use for the learner of foreign languages, who is the main visitor at WordReference.

This is my main reference dictionary at the moment. If I am looking for something more technical or specific, I will look it up on the Wikipedia.


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