17-18 Project Self-assessment

10th June EDIT: This blog entry has two purposes. The first one is for my students to take the self-assessment quiz as part of their project. The second one is for them to comment on this blog as an easy alternative to Unit 7 Writing task “Writing a blog post” on Google Classroom. Remember that commenting this blog instead of writing your own blog post will get you a PASS grade: 5. Do your best!


Relative clauses revision 2017

I was wondering about one last post this school year so that my students could revise relative pronouns and relative clauses easily and I just realized I did it some years ago on this same blog. So, here you are. Relative clauses 2017. Enjoy ;D

P.S. If you need any online exercises, drop my a line and I will post some as soon as possible. Meanwhile, have a nice holiday everyone.

My turn: your chance to grade my teaching

Dear students, this is what every student dreams about: you may now assess my teaching this school year. Be honest and do not worry about being strict. Your opinion will be very important for me to be a better teacher. What’s more, it’s in Spanish!

I will post a couple of links to useful websites in case you want to review this summer. I still don’t know when, but it will be soon enough.

Reported Speech

I know everybody is very tired. However, we still need a final effort. I’m sharing a very short explanation of reported speech in English. There are also quite a few exercises to practise online. I hope it helps!

Reported Speech 1 at englishgrammarsecrets.com
Reported Speech 2 at englishgrammarsecrets.com

If any of these pages has “suspicious” adverts, please let me know.

On the other hand, if you are interested in a more thorough description, check this .pdf document which I prepared some years ago.

Students blog entry or comments

Friday 2nd June 2017

Antonio Marchal de la Torre

This is a sample blog post for my 3º ESO and 1º Bachillerato students. 3º ESO students should write a blog entry with resolutions for things they want to improve. They can use the model on page 96 as an example. Alternatively, they comment this entry to comply with the minimum requirement of “writing blog posts, comments or brief messages on social networks.”

1º Bachillerato students should write a blog entry about their favourite website. There are a couple of examples in their Student’s Book -page 102- and their Workbook. However, they may also just comment this entry to comply with the minimum requirement of “writing blog posts, comments or brief messages on social networks.”

I hope everybody contributes to make this a great activity!

Edit (12th June 2017). Here’s what will be assessed when you write your mock-post or comment.

10 7.5 5 2.5 0
Post Content: Tone
Is the content of the blog appropriate? Is the blog referring to the topic at issue? Do I provide information about what I was requested?
Excellent (Very) good Beginning Not good enough Disappointing
Comments & Social media
Did you use social media to share your comment-post?
Excellent (Very) good Beginning Not good enough Disappointing
ENGLISH-WRITING: Use appropriate vocabulary, grammar, spelling & format. Excellent (Very) good Beginning Not good enough Disappointing

Writing a formal email

Although my 1º Bachillerato students are supposed to know what they have to do, here is one more example for them to improve their writing skills. Don’t forget to try the “Check your writing: gap fill – useful phrases“which you can find by scrolling down the page.