17-18 Project Self-assessment

10th June EDIT: This blog entry has two purposes. The first one is for my students to take the self-assessment quiz as part of their project. The second one is for them to comment on this blog as an easy alternative to Unit 7 Writing task “Writing a blog post” on Google Classroom. Remember that commenting this blog instead of writing your own blog post will get you a PASS grade: 5. Do your best!


4 thoughts on “17-18 Project Self-assessment

  1. I think this blog is very beautiful and very expensive and very longer what the people write the comments and think the other form because the blog talk what the talk in english the tenses and the first condicional and the other things


    1. As usual and like every other writing of yours, only one sentence! If you use shorter sentences, you’ll make fewer mistakes. Thank you!


  2. hi,ANTONIO.

    I think this blog is ver complete for research the information to needed for study ,This one is very vomplete and is very good organized ,you can search the information for you needed for the exams for example for the first conditional or other thinks.And i like it to can write the commets to update the blog i like t this blog .


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