Reported Speech

I know everybody is very tired. However, we still need a final effort. I’m sharing a very short explanation of reported speech in English. There are also quite a few exercises to practise online. I hope it helps!

Reported Speech 1 at
Reported Speech 2 at

If any of these pages has “suspicious” adverts, please let me know.

On the other hand, if you are interested in a more thorough description, check this .pdf document which I prepared some years ago.


6 thoughts on “Reported Speech

  1. Hello teacher, i liked your blog, is a very good learning, teaches you many characters, has structure of the blog, is very full, apart from that is well ordered and you can understand well what you put.


  2. Hello Natalia. Thanks for your kind words. I’m glad you think this blog is a good idea. Now let me comment on a couple of things about your comment. Remember to use “I” instead of “i” and don’t forget to use “it” in front of “is a very…” or “teaches you…”, etc. We need a subject for every sentence we write in English. Also, use PUNCTUATION to start a new sentence before “apart from that”.
    All in all, your post can be understood. However, it lacks revision. See you in class.


  3. Hello teacher I’ve been watching the blog anda I think it is a very good idea how it is structuresd and the order go so it is easy to find thing
    I also think in English and Spanish, It lacks a bit of drawing and color but for the rest is ok


    1. Hi Blanca! Thanks for reading my blog and writing what you think about it. I’ll try to make it a bit more colourful and add some images in the future so it is more visually appealing. See you in class!


  4. Teacher this blog seems very interesting and above all very useful for us and other students also served us a lot because this is all we give in class


    1. Hi Siham. Thank you for your comment. As usual, you don’t like saying much, but it’s OK. At least, you completed your assignment. See you in class!


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