Using Google Docs and revising

We will be using Google Docs A LOT this year to do class-work, homework and share resources. To start with, we will create a Google Sheets spreadsheet to share our success on the online exercises at Englisch Hilfen.



  • Check your work on the shared spreadsheet.
  • Go to Word Order Complex Test 1 and check your knowledge on the subject.
  • Next, search for different exercises at Englisch Hilfen and input your results in the shared Google Sheet document.


Google Docs is a free, real-time collaboration, document, spreadsheet,slides and forms (surveys) editing tool provided by Google. All you need in order to use these tools is a gmail account and you are good to go. Several users can share a document and edit it at the same time. Changes can be seen immediately. The documents can be exported to Microsoft Office and Open Office, so you can download them and continue working on them off-line.

The files are stored in Google’s Internet servers -cloud computing- and are accessible by using a web browser, although some functionalities are only Google Chrome compatible.

Here is a tutorial to get you started. Credits go to its authors.

Here is information about Google Sheets, and here is how to get started.

Let’s get on with it!


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